Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Vegetable Of The Week - Broccoli

Vegetable Information: 
Broccoli is a plant in the cabbage family, whose large flower head is used as a vegetable. The word broccoli, from the Italian plural of broccolo, refers to "the flowering top of a cabbage". - Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary

Broccoli evolved from a wild cabbage plant on the continent of Europe. Indications point to the vegetable's being known 2,000 years ago. Since the Roman Empire, broccoli has been considered a uniquely valuable food among Italians. Broccoli was grown at Antwerp whence it was taken to England by the sculptor Peter Scheemakers, according to a biographical note by J. T. Smith. Broccoli was first introduced to the United States by Italian immigrants but did not become widely known until the 1920s. -  The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods

Nutritional Benefits:
Broccoli contains Niacin which is also known as Vitamin B3. Niacin decreases the LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Besides lowering the LDL cholesterol levels, which is known as bad cholesterol, niacin also increases HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol levels, which is known as good cholesterol. - Fit Day

A study in Switzerland and Italy found that increased consumption of niacin along with other antioxidant nutrients lowered the incidence of oral, pharyngeal and esophageal cancer in humans. - Nutritional Supplement Center 

Niacin is known to treat diabetes and high blood sugar levels. Most of diabetic patients have been able to effectively control HBA1C level with help of niacin. - Organic Facts

Chi-Fai Ng, M.D., gave men with high cholesterol and ED niacin or a placebo over 12 weeks. Men who got niacin said they were more able to maintain an erection during sex after 12 weeks, compared to those who got only placebos. Men with severe ED saw even greater improvements. - Mens Health 

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, niacin is partially responsible for healthy skin, hair and nails. It assists in the processes by which cells divide and regenerate, which is important for skin health. Niacin also helps the body absorb calcium, which makes it an important factor in healthy skin and nails. If you're looking to improve the condition of your skin, hair and nails. LiveStrong 

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