Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Vegetable Of The Week - Asparagus

Vegetable Information:

Asparagus has been revered by ancient Greek and Romans as a prized delicacy. One of the oldest recorded vegetables, it is thought to have originated along the coastal regions of eastern Mediterranean and Asia Minor areas. Botanically this herbaceous perennial plant belongs to the liliaceae family, of the genus, A. officinalis. - Nutrition & You

Nutritional Benefits: 
Asparagus has good levels of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber helps control constipation conditions, decrease bad, "LDL" cholesterol levels by binding to it in the intestines, and regulates blood sugar levels. In addition, high fiber diet helps prevent colon-rectal cancer risks by preventing toxic compounds in the food from absorption. - Nutrition & You

The Folate and B vitamins found in Asparagus helps keep your cardiovascular system functioning properly. These same vitamins including choline and pantothenic acid can also help regulate blood sugar by metabolizing sugar and starch. - Fat Burning Furnace

Scientific studies have shown that adequate consumption of folates in the diet during the pre-conception period and during early pregnancy helps prevent neural tube defects in newborns. - Nutrition & You

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