Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Vegetable Of The Week - Bok Choy

Vegetable Information:
Bok Choy or leafy Chinese cabbage is one of the popular mainland crop in China, Philippines, Vietnam and other oriental regions; nonetheless this humble brassica family vegetable has gained popularity even in the western world for its sweet, succulent nutritious stalks. It is also named as pe-tsai, pak choi, petsay, white celery mustard, Chinese white cabbage…etc. Scientific name: Brassica campestris L. - Nutrition & You

The Ming Dynasty pharmacologist Li Shizhen studied the Chinese cabbage for its medicinal qualities. Before this time the Chinese cabbage was largely confined to the Yangtze River Delta region. The Chinese cabbage as it is known today is very similar to a variant cultivated in Zhejiang around the 14th century. During the following centuries, it became popular in northern China and the northern harvest soon exceeded the southern one. Northern cabbages were exported along the Grand Canal of China to Zhejiang and as far south as Guangdong.
They were introduced to Korea, where it became the staple vegetable for making kimchi. In the early 20th century, it was taken to Japan by returning soldiers who had fought in China during the Russo-Japanese War. The Chinese cabbage is now commonly found in markets throughout the world. - History Of Bok Choy

Nutritional Benefits: 
Bok Choy is very good source of Vitamin K, provides about 38% of RDA levels. Vitamin-K has potential role in bone metabolism by promoting osteotrophic activity in bone cells. Therefore, enough vitamin K in the diet makes your bone stronger, healthier and delay osteoporosis. Further, vitamin-K also has established role in curing Alzheimer's disease patients by limiting neuronal damage in their brain. - Nutrition & You 

Vitamin K is an essential nutrient necessary for blood clotting - it regulates normal blood clotting by helping the body transport calcium. - Dr. Weil

Vitamin K helps in proper malfunctioning of the hormones at right time for having regular periods, which will help in reducing menstrual pain. 
Vitamin K plays an important role in blood sugar regulation. Pancreas makes insulin and contains second highest content of Vitamin K of body. - Organic Facts

Studies have shown that Vitamin K may help fight hepatocellular carcinoma, a type of liver cancer. - Dr. Mercola 

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